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Health and Social Care

Reflective Practice (F2F)

Introduction Whilst knowing how to respond to challenging behaviours and situations is important, being able to reflect upon what has happened and debrief everyone accordingly is what produces long-term results and positive outcomes. Because of this, our Reflective Practice course has been designed with this goal in mind, providing participants with a complete overview of

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Safeguarding Adults (F2F)

Introduction When working with individuals with physical and/or mental health needs, safeguarding forms the foundation of all decisions and care plans. Our Safeguarding course is designed to enable participants to recognise the importance of safeguarding, national policies and local strategies governing safeguarding, and safeguarding risk assessments. In addition, participants will learn about “Duty of Candor”

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Person-Centred Care (F2F)

Introduction When in any setting for supported needs, the individual involved should be central to that care package and any decisions made within it. This can often prove difficult when someone uses different communications styles or is difficult to engage. This course supports how you can break those barriers and have more Person centred environments,

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