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Whilst knowing how to respond to challenging behaviours and situations is important, being able to reflect upon what has happened and debrief everyone accordingly is what produces long-term results and positive outcomes. Because of this, our Reflective Practice course has been designed with this goal in mind, providing participants with a complete overview of how to effectively reflect upon adverse behaviours and events in the working environment. 

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to define “reflective practice” and why it is important for optimal care planning and support.
  • To identify available strategies and resources that can be used to assist staff in reflecting upon practices.
  • To recognise the benefits of reflective practice, and the issues that may arise when reflective practice is ignored.
  • To identify who should be involved in reflective practice and what position they fulfil.
  • To understand how to effectively conduct reflection towards challenging behaviours and situations in the workplace, and how it can be implemented to ensure a safer working environment.
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