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Paediatric First Aid (Theory)

Introduction Paediatric First Aid (Theory) is the perfect induction to first aid for paediatric casualties. By exploring the theory behind the practical procedures, you will develop a better understanding of how to support a paediatric casualty and gain awareness towards recognising common health issues and medical emergencies. Please note that in order to be eligible […]

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Introduction A basic introduction to dementia. This course highlights the condition and the ways care staff can support someone as they journey through it. Learning Outcomes To recognise the early symptoms and screening opportunities. To understand how the condition impacts the individual and those around them. To identify ways to help including early intervention. To

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Person-Centred Care

Introduction Supporting adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Physical needs or Elderly, regardless of who you are supporting, they should always be the centre of their care.  Learning Outcomes Recognise why Person-centred care is important.  To know the values underpinning person-centred care. Effectively obtain peoples wishes and needs in a holistic way. Recognise the barriers

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Food Safety & Hygiene

Introduction This course gives an introduction to the practices surrounding food management within Care settings. Suitable for anyone who is making a cup of tea, to preparing meals for others.  Learning Outcomes To know the Laws and Regulations Understand the health implications and Allergies associated with food To know safe practices Recognise the process for

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Deprivation of Liberties

Introduction This course is important for anyone working with individuals who have mental impairment within care settings. We also discuss the changes that are coming into effect with Liberty Protection Safeguarding (LPS).  Learning Outcomes To understand what is DoLS and the terminology surrounding it.  To gain knowledge of who DoLS is relevant to ? To

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Oral Health

Introduction Oral Health e-learning course is essential for anyone supporting the health and wellbeing of others. According to the Care Quality Commission (CQC), quality of oral health amongst supported individuals is significantly below average, increasing risk of long-term health impacts such as pain and difficulty eating. This course will provide you with everything you need

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Autism – Awareness

Introduction This course gives a brief introduction into the condition, Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Learning Outcomes To effectively reflect on the history of Autism. To understand the Core Capabilities Frameworks for Autism. To be able to effectively implement the skills learnt into practice. To know and utilise the legislation surrounding Autism. Gain deeper knowledge on how

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Learning Disability – Awareness

Introduction A touch into the definitions, background and support opportunities for people with Learning Disabilities. Suitable for people who will come into contact with people who have a Learning Disability during their daily work. For those working directly, then, please see our face-to-face courses for more depth. Learning Outcomes Define Learning Disability. Explore the Core

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Display Screen Equipment

Introduction In the modern era, Display Screen Equipment is an unavoidable feature in the working environment, and is often required to accomplish duties such as recording notes, sending emails, and reading documents. Due to the importance and prevalence of DSE, it is important that everyone is using it safely and responsibly to avoid long-term health

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Lone Working

Introduction Suitable for any staff who are expected to work in an environment on their own or with clients without other professionals around. Learning Outcomes Understand the definition and legislation of lone working. Be aware of the risks of lone working. Recognise safeguarding measures for minimising risks of lone working.

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