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Display Screen Equipment

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In the modern era, Display Screen Equipment is an unavoidable feature in the working environment, and is often required to accomplish duties such as recording notes, sending emails, and reading documents.

Due to the importance and prevalence of DSE, it is important that everyone is using it safely and responsibly to avoid long-term health risks. In this course, we will cover everything that you will need to know to keep yourself protected whilst using DSE, including correct posture, DSE assessments, and legislation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the definition and types of “Display Screen Equipment”.
  • Develop awareness of the health risks that may be present when using DSE and the legislation that must be followed.
  • Recognise the recommended posture for using DSE and safeguarding measures for portable DSE.
  • Understand what safe working practices need to be followed when using DSE.
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