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Safeguarding Adults



Safeguarding Adults-Suitable for anyone with a role that involves contact with vulnerable adults.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to define “safeguarding” and its importance within a care or support setting.
  • To acknowledge legislation, policies and guidelines surrounding safeguarding.
  • To identify what type of individual may require a higher level of safeguarding.
  • To recognise the risks and dangers that may arise as a result of negligence towards safeguarding needs.
  • To effectively conduct and record safeguarding risk assessments, including who needs to be involved in the assessment process and how risk assessments must be used.
  • To improve understanding of how safeguarding measures can be implemented into a supported individual’s care plan and physical and/or mental health needs.
  • To identify existing safeguarding policies and strategies within the participant’s current workplace.
  • To understand the terms “Duty of Candor” and “Whistleblowing” and how they affect the safeguarding process.
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