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First Aid at Work (FAW) – Group Booking



Our one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course provides a comprehensive overview of first aid provisions and requirements in the workplace. Participants will learn the principles and legislation of first aid, then apply them to a series of practical demonstrations including, CPR, AED, choking, recovery positions and more.
For the complete package, our First Aid at Work (3-Day) course covers all of the Emergency session plus additional modules suitable for high-risk working environments, such as specialist burns, poisoning, and crush injuries.

Learning Outcomes

  • To preserve the life of a casualty in the event of a medical emergency.
  • To understand how to maintain the safety of the casualty and the scene around them.
  • To understand the laws and guidelines governing first aid in the workplace.
  • To be able to produce accident and incident forms that are effective and legally defensible.
  • To recognise the priorities of first aid treatment.
  • To learn about the different types of medical emergency and what might cause them.
  • To build confidence in responding to a casualty in need of a medical emergency.
  • To develop confidence and proficiency in performing first aid techniques, and understand when we need to apply them.
  • To effectively demonstrate a range of first aid techniques, including CPR (with AED), chokes, recovery positions, and bandaging.
  • To recognise the causes, signs and treatment for different types of burns and poisoning.
  • To recognise the signs, symptoms and treatment of musculoskeletal injures, including sprains and strains.
  • To effectively demonstrate the application of a support sling and an elevation sling.
  • To understand the signs, symptoms and causes of anaphylaxis, and how it is treated in a first aid situation.

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