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Epilepsy and Midazolam Management- Group Booking



Our Epilepsy Awareness (with Midazolam) course guarantees that trainees will have full up-to-date compliance with ILAE and ENSA guidelines. Upon course completion (and assessment if competency), trainees will be fully certificated in epilepsy training for a maximum 24-month period, after which course reattendance will be required for compliance.

Learning Outcomes

  • To learn about the epidemiology and aetiology (causes) of epilepsy and why it occurs at a significantly higher rate in individuals living with LD.
  • To understand the medical definition of “epilepsy”, what we mean by “seizures”, and what might trigger them.
  • To recognise the diagnostic process for epilepsy and how this may differ amongst individuals living with LD.
  • To understand how different types of seizures affect people, how they present themselves, and what management and first aid we must provide.
  • To appreciate the social, physical and mental impact of living with epilepsy.
  • To understand the importance of effective recording, risk management and identification of support needs.
  • To develop confidence with using recording charts, protocols and treatment plans.
  • To recognise the available treatment options for epilepsy, with a focus on anti-epileptic medication and possible adverse reactions.
  • To understand the purpose and side-effects of Midazolam and the principles of timing when administering Midazolam.
  • [IF COMPETENCY] To demonstrate the administration of Buccal Midazolam.

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