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Recording is the cornerstone of any care environment, which is why our Effective Behaviour Recordings & Reflection course aims to ensure that staff are providing the best possible recordings of behaviour and can analyse their recordings to provide better support for individuals within their care. Additionally, trainees will learn how to reflect upon challenging behavioural situations and provide efficient debrief for everyone involved.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the importance, policies and standards of practice around recording behaviour.
  • To be able to provide recordings that are legally defensible and effective for day-to-day care.
  • To develop appropriate techniques that can be used for accurate and efficient recording.
  • To understand the existing recording policies and paperwork within their current workplace.
  • To recognise what information and detail recordings must contain.
  • To effectively reflect upon challenging behavioural situations and recognise appropriate solutions that enable positive outcomes.
  • To have the ability to safely and effectively debrief all individuals involved in a challenging behavioural situation.
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